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Sales teams want sales-ready leads, not just mountains of names and numbers to call.

At every event — often anonymous amongst hundreds of badge scans — are super-engaged prospects who convert into disproportionately better sales opportunities, disproportionately faster.

It’s these leads that Sales crave. And they don’t want to hunt to find them.

So treat your A* leads like they're A* leads

Scheduling a follow-up conversation from the event floor is the fastest way to generate qualified sales pipeline at your events.

Fast-track the most qualified, most motivated prospects straight into your sales funnel.

Reduce the number of A* leads who go AWOL after leaving the booth.

Minimise the time Sales spend trying to arrange a follow-up call.

Captuvate is an event lead capture app for B2B exhibitors.

Arrange your follow-up steps from the booth, and capture the insights you need to grow your sales pipeline.

The Old Way
The New Way

Schedule follow-up meetings while at any event

Capture leads even if prospects aren’t ready for a meeting

Educate prospects and send them your content

Automatically record all data in Salesforce in real-time

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Captuvate is customized for every customer. Contact us for a demo.

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Schedule follow-up meetings directly into your Sales team’s calendar

Captuvate aggregates all your sales team's calendars into a single view, making it easy to see when your colleagues are available.

With only 2 taps, a meeting is booked. And we even take care of both prospect and salesperson timezones, so you’re not scheduling meetings for 2AM!

For every calendar Captuvate integrates with, we store 12 weeks of availability offline. So you can still book follow-ups, even when wifi is unavailable.

Learn about dynamic calendar invitations

It’s vital to start every relationship off on the right foot, so Captuvate automatically delivers a calendar invitation you can be proud of.

First, Captuvate takes into account the information we know about you, your prospect and your designated salesperson. Then, our dynamic templates send information-rich meeting invitations, but without you having to manually type each one. They're a perfect handover for Sales.

Match prospects with the relevant salesperson

Sometimes a prospect’s location, size or vertical can determine who they should be speaking with on your team.

To schedule a meeting with the right team member, simply select from some custom-created attributes and we’ll ensure you’re only shown the relevant calendars.

Do certain prospects require a Sales Engineer, industry specialist or a named individual to be present? No problem — Captuvate will highlight meeting slots where all relevant parties are available.

Learn more about routing prospects to Sales

If you can describe which prospects should be routed to which salespeople, then you have a mapping which we can replicate in Captuvate.

Just as you'd do if you were verbally explaining who your prospect should be speaking with, it's easiest to start by understanding a little more about them. In Captuvate, this is as simple as selecting from a number of pre-created prospect attributes. This is done with a few taps, and can be as flexible as you need.

We then route your prospect in one of the following ways:

  • to a single, hand-picked salesperson
  • to a salesperson plus a colleague (such as a Sales Engineer)
  • to a randomly selected salesperson (distributing your leads evenly across your team)
  • to an anonymous pool (when you don’t know exactly who’ll be following-up, but know a salesperson will ‘claim’ the prospect later)

Based on your mapping and the information we've gathered about your prospect, we then deliver the correct calendar for you to book a meeting into.
It’s as flexible as you need it to be. Here’s an (admittedly rather extreme) example, below:

The largest prospects are routed straight to named Account Executives, mid-market leads are shared equally amongst two sales teams (depending on the prospect's vertical), and smaller leads are pooled for distribution later. All sales-ready leads are synced to Salesforce, and every lead that requires further nurturing is sent to Marketo.

Educate prospects and enhance your credibility

Captuvate houses your marketing content, so your video case studies, feature lists and datasheets are only ever a few taps away.

Use this content to educate your prospects when face-to-face, and to ensure every prospect is up-to-speed prior to your sales team reaching out.

Captuvate is fully branded, and can also work in kiosk mode (hiding your leads behind a hidden panel). So your prospects can browse your content, until you're ready to engage.

The money you'll save on printing literature alone is worth the investment in Captuvate!

Prep sales teams using info gleamed from booth conversations

Once you’ve captured your lead and scheduled a follow-up, discreetly capture notes from your conversation with just a few taps. It’ll help your sales team plan their follow-up conversations, and your prospect will feel like she’s being listened to.

(Voice notes are coming soon. You'll be able to quickly record free-form notes, which your sales team can listen to directly in Salesforce.com.)

Easily track ROI by instantly syncing all leads and activities to Salesforce.com or your Marketing Automation platform

Every lead and every calendar appointment can be imported into Salesforce in real-time. As soon as a meeting has been scheduled at the booth, your team back at HQ will know about it.

Follow-ups are attributed to the correct salesperson and everything is tagged with your event metadata, making it easy to track qualified sales opportunities back to your events.

Every integration is configured by hand to get your data to where it needs to be.

An example of how Captuvate can work...

In the example below, the largest prospects are routed straight to named Account Executives. Any mid-market leads are shared equally amongst two sales teams (depending on the prospect's vertical), and smaller leads are pooled for distribution later. All sales-ready leads are synced to Salesforce, and every lead that requires further nurturing is sent to Marketo.

Request a Demo

Captuvate is customized for every customer. Contact us for a demo.

Contact usOr download our demo iPad app from the AppStore

We know what you're thinking...

Because at every event, you’ll find qualified prospects who are motivated to get the ball rolling and who’ve been intrigued by what you have to say. Strike while the iron is hot and fast-track those prospects into the top of your sales funnel.

When you fail to do this, you're putting your event ROI at risk. If you don’t schedule a next-step immediately you may struggle to recall which prospects were most interested in your offering, and you may never have any further dialogue.

And even if you do segment your hot leads, the average prospect needs multiple touches to schedule a follow-up. By that point, sometimes weeks later, you’ll be the same as any other vendor they struggle to recall, and your momentum will have been lost. Or worse, your competitor may have already started to influence the prospect's buying process around their strengths.

Article: For 99% of Event Marketers, there's one simple thing that's killing your ROI.

Sure, not every lead is sales ready. But many are!

(Especially prospects who have taken the time to engage vendors at a face-to-face event).

And it’s those leads who will have a disproportionately positive effect on how much sales pipeline you generate from your events — if you act on them.

If all leads are treated equally, then sure — it’s “just another lead”. But ask your VP of Sales if her team likes engaging the most motivated, most qualified leads as soon as they can, and we’ll see if she thinks all leads are created equal…!


But shaping your booth conversation with the goal of scheduling a follow-up meeting is a great way to qualify your prospects. Even if they kindly decline a follow-up, that doesn't make them worthless — they’re just not ready yet. And your expectations have been set accordingly.

In this case, Captuvate enables you to capture leads — and instantly sync them into Salesforce or your Marketing Automation platform — even if they don’t require a follow-up conversation straight away. You can still send them your content and slot them into your regular nurturing process.

Yes and no.

If you’re treating all event leads equally, then yes — it’s quicker to blindly scan every prospect’s badge.

But it only takes 30 seconds to schedule a meeting using Captuvate. You don’t even have to manually type contact details — we’ll happily transcribe a prospect’s information from their business card (coming soon!). So we think 30 seconds provides you with a great return-on-time-invested, especially for a super-engaged lead.

And that doesn’t take into account the time you’ve saved your Sales team post-event. You’ll already have synced your leads to Salesforce and scheduled follow-ups with the best leads, saving your team from hours of manual labour trying to uncover those hidden gems within mountains of unqualified badge scans.

How We Work

We know that no two exhibitors share the same requirements, so we configure Captuvate for each customer.

Need “sales ready” leads synced to Salesforce.com and all non-ready leads sent to Marketo (or Eloqua, or Hubspot)?

Simple. We can configure your integration to map your requirements.

Need certain leads to be sent to one team and other leads sent to a second team?

Easy. We can make sure your leads are sent to the appropriate individuals.

Not bothered about setting appointments and only want to send prospects information?

No problem, we can disable the calendar integration, so you can focus on capturing contact details and sending marketing content.

If you have a requirement, let us know. We’ve baked flexibility into Captuvate so we can tailor the product to your needs.

Request a Demo

Captuvate is customized for every customer. Contact us for a demo.

Contact usOr download our demo iPad app from the AppStore