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About US

Captuvate was founded in London by Brian Anderson and Austin Birch.

Having spent years working on an event app used by PayPal, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Bayer, Kaspersky Labs and many others, we started thinking…

Why can’t we take what we’ve learned through serving the best, and help everyone else get more from their event marketing budget?

These guys take their event marketing seriously.

Everything they do is part of a well-choreographed process, meaning it’s repeatable and predictable event-after-event — without becoming stale and boring.

They’ve got their lead capture (and lead follow-up) procedures down-to-a-tee.

They know how they want to engage their prospects in an educational, non-pushy way.

They understand that this is sales activity. But they know they’re not going to close a new customer on the event floor, so they can afford to take the time to showcase their expertise and give their prospect an experience they’ll actually value. It’s personal, but scaleable.

And, of course, it all looks amazing because these guys have huge budgets for designers to make sure everything looks the part.

So, we got to thinking:

Shouldn’t it be easier for every B2B event marketer to walk in the footsteps of these event-execution-maestros?

They can’t be the only ones that are looking to improve the way they engage prospects at their events? Why can’t every B2B event marketer have an application that helps them look the part, helps improve their prospects’ experience, helps their event performance become more predictable — and doesn’t cost them 5-figures per year to do so?

And the idea for Captuvate was born.

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