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21st Century Lead Capture Forms for Trade Shows

Go beyond contact details, and capture information that will help your team sell.

Captuvate helps your team quickly capture insights that’ll help you sell to your prospects further down the line.

In our lead capture app, your forms are fully customizable, allowing your team to capture information on every prospect they meet at your trade shows.

Whether you’re looking to capture prospect pain points, estimated close date or which products they’re interested in, our forms can be customized for you.

And all your insights can be synced directly to Salesforce, so your guys back at the office can be taking action on them immediately.

Plan for success

We all know it’s best practise to design your trade show lead capture forms so that they’re completed quickly. With our popular tag-based form fields, an intelligently-designed form can gather a wealth of information on your leads with only a few taps — taking your guys seconds to complete each form.

Capture insights with voice memos

Adding a voice note to an event lead helps you capture the nuance of a booth conversation better than any other method. You can pass on insights that you’ve uncovered, dive into detail on prospect pain points or reference case studies to be used in future conversations. They can also be used to instruct on the best way to follow-up with your prospect.

Shorter your form by scanning business cards

Traditionally, half the fields on a lead capture form were for jotting down contact details so you could follow-up with the prospect. Our business card scanning functionality takes care of contact details, and allows you to focus your forms around insight that’s relevant to our business.

Route leads based on info captured

With an advanced integration, Captuvate allows you to route your leads to different places, based on the information you capture on each prospect. For example, SMB-tagged leads can be routed to a specific team. Or leads with an interest in certain products can be tagged in Salesforce.com in a different way. With each advanced integration coded by hand, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Record memos later

It’s not always possible at add notes directly after speaking with a prospect, so Captuvate makes it easy to return to your past leads and add notes later.

Share leads across devices

By default, all leads in Captuvate are visible on every device within your account. So if you’ve been using an iPad to discuss your marketing content with a prospect, you can use your phone to discreetly append information to that lead at a later date.

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