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Schedule follow-up appointments From The Event Floor

Book (hand-picked) salespeople into your prospect’s calendar while at your next trade show.

With Captuvate's trade show app you can help your sales team cut through the post-event noise by booking them appointments with prospects from the trade show floor.

We integrate with your team’s calendars, allowing you to access their availability in real-time. Then, at the event, you simply select a salesperson and with a couple of taps you’ve booked a slot in their diary.

Prospects are sent calendar invitations automatically, and each invitation can be customized to include information for each salesperson, such as WebEx details or contact information.

Not every prospect will want an appointment, but…

...those who do are often the most-motivated, most-qualified leads you’ll meet at the event, and jumping on them is key to maximising your trade show ROI. In fact, chances are your top sales guys will already be scheduling follow-ups with cherry-picked prospects they meet at events, so you’re only providing a better process for an existing behaviour.

Multiple ways to select a salesperson

If you know who the prospect should be speaking with, you can select them directly and Captuvate will highlight their availability. Otherwise, we can set-up custom mappings, so you can have the app select the most appropriate salespeople based on criteria such as prospect size or territory. We can also select salespeople at random, so you can distribute your leads evenly across your team.

Works offline

Captuvate stores 12 weeks of future availability for every calendar we sync with. So if your app temporarily goes offline, you’ll still be able to view your teams’ availability and schedule appointments with prospects at the booth.

Add teammates to any appointment

If you require a Sales Engineer or industry specialist to be present at your post-event meetings, Captuvate can be configured to invite them. We’ll only show slots where all parties are free to attend, so you don’t need to worry about organising multiple calendars from the middle of an event booth.

Synced to your CRM

Event-booked follow-up meetings can be added to your CRM and tagged with your campaign IDs, to allow you to track downstream activity and see whether your appointments resulted in closed deals for your sales team.

Capture context for better meetings

Once you've booked yourself into the prospect's calendar, use our lead capture forms to ensure that your team have all the context they need for a kickass follow-up meeting.


Don’t worry about configuring all of this yourself. We’re happy to help. As long as you can describe how you want to route your prospects to your sales team, we can take care of the rest.

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