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Automated follow-up emails

Send follow-up emails to your trade show prospects

Automated follow-up emails to prospects you meet on the trade show floor can be a quick way to touch-base, thank them for their time, and send them content related to your discussion at the booth.

(And with Captuvate’s appointment scheduling feature, they can also be used to send calendar invitations to prospects immediately, reducing the likelihood that they’ll go AWOL after the event!)

Our follow-up emails are personalized (using information you gathered from the prospect at the booth) and can be sent from the individual who first engaged the prospect (not just a generic email address). Plus, if you’re scanning business cards at the show using Captuvate, you won’t have to type anything — your emails will be sent automatically after the card has been accurately transcribed by our team.

Sent from real people

Hook-up your email account and send emails one-to-one. In sales, first impressions are vital, and generic emails don’t make a great first impression!

Attach your content

If your prospect has shown interest in your marketing content, you can append PDFs and videos to your emails, giving them instant access.

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